A free financial counselling and money management service to help people learn about managing debts, budgeting assistance and advocacy. We also provide Financial Literacy workshops for free.

frequently asked questions

No, but we can help with how they are managed, share what help is available and advocate if it is necessary.

We would do an assessment on your financial position and the reasons underlying the debts, as there may be alternatives available before assuming bankruptcy is your only option.

We can create a work development order with you for financial counselling only. We can refer you to other services that can assist with other State Penalties Enforcement Strategy (SPER) activities.

We do not provide ER to the general public, but can support people actively engaged with our service, in a limited capacity.

You will need to see a Financial Advisor for that service as Financial Counsellors are not authorised to give financial advice. Your bank may provide an initial session for free, and Centrelink have a financial Information Service which can advise you how your income and assets might affect your payments or pension.