Collaborating to support Women’s Safety

This page is designed for other community support services and/or agencies wanting to know more about initiatives to prevent and respond effectively to Domestic & Family Violence in the Gympie region.

Gympie-Cooloola Partnership Against Domestic & Family Violence

The Gympie-Cooloola Partnership Against Domestic and Family Violence is a network of services and community members who work together to develop a culture of intolerance towards domestic and family violence in our community, and to build a holistic and effective approach to addressing the needs of people who have experienced domestic and family violence.  We do this by meeting regularly as a forum for information sharing, practice development and action that enables a regional, integrated, strategic and best practice response to domestic and family violence in the Gympie Local Government Area.

  • To raise awareness, support culture change and educate the community about preventing and responding appropriately to domestic and family violence
  • To gather and analyse information about the incidence, responses to and outcomes of domestic and family violence in the Gympie Local Government Area, and to work together with service users and other stakeholders to enhance the experience and safety outcomes for people using our service system
  • To develop resources and strategies to build more joined-up community and service responses to domestic and family violence
  • To share best practice, research and information pertaining to effective domestic violence prevention and response.
  • To provide access to sector and worker development in domestic violence work
  • To work with service system users to identify and address regional and strategic gaps and opportunities and advocate with relevant government and community agencies to address these.


Activities of the Partnership include:

  • Events such as Domestic Violence Prevention Month and the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women
  • Joint regional initiatives such as Communities of Practice
  • Reporting on trends and service gaps

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every calendar month. Contact us for further information or to request membership.

Case Coordination

Our team works closely with other services to provide wrap around supports for women experiencing Domestic & Family Violence. For women with complex needs we may seek consent to refer to the Family Support Collective Complex Case Panel. For women who experience abuse that is assessed as likely to result in serious injury or death, we meet regularly with agencies prescribed under the Qld Domestic & Family Violence Protection Act to share information and coordinate actions to increase safety.