Domestic Violence Shelter

For some women, staying in a Women’s Shelter or Refuge, is a necessary step in staying safe. You should seek refuge if you or your children are suffering from the effects of domestic violence, when you fear for the safety of yourself and your children from a violent partner, and/ or you need support, understanding and assistance to leave an abusive home.

frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring with me?

You do not need to bring anything with you if it’s not safe to do so. If you can, bring personal belongings, identification and anything that is important to you and your children.

Will I need to share accommodation?

We provide independent unit accommodation for women and children. Single women and small families may be required to share accommodation.

How long can I stay?

This varies depending on each individual circumstance and the level of safety that is required.

Is there somewhere safe for my children to play?

Yes, we have a secure, private courtyard for children to play in.

Can I get my children to school?

Yes, we will assist with transport so that your children can continue school.