Children and Youth Counselling

Children are very affected by Domestic & Family Violence, whether they are directly involved or witness violence or not.

Some common effects of Domestic & Family Violence on children include:

The Children & Youth Counselling Program is focused on safety, recovery from trauma, building self esteem and healthy relationships. Our specialised domestic & family violence child practitioners utilise a range of therapies to suit the child’s needs and interests.

The children’s experience of counselling and enjoyment of the process is a primary focus and we aim to create a safe and creative space where children can process and recover from traumatic events that have impacted their sense of self. Children’s counselling is confidential unless specific risks that need to be  shared with parent/guardians are identified.

To access counselling for your children you can call us or ask another agency to refer you. We will then contact you and arrange an intake with the child/ren’s primary carer. In the intake we discuss the impact of domestic & family violence on each child and your family, any concerns you may have about each child and your goals for counselling.

From time to time there may be a waitlist to access this service.