Access & Equity Principles

  • Access – Community Action will make services available to everyone who is entitled to them, free of any form of discrimination.
  • Equity – Community Action will develop and deliver services on the basis of fair treatment of all those clients who are eligible to receive them.
  • Communication – Community Action will use all necessary strategies to inform eligible clients of the services available, their entitlements, and how they can obtain them. We will also consult with their clients regularly about the adequacy, design and standard of services.
  • Responsiveness –  Community Action will be sensitive to the needs and requirements of clients from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and be responsive as far as practicable to the particular circumstances of individuals.
  • Effectiveness –  Community Action will be focused on meeting the needs of clients from all backgrounds.
  • Efficiency – Community Action will optimise the use of available public resources through a user-responsive approach to service delivery that meets the needs of clients.
  • Accountability –  Community Action will have a reporting mechanism in place which ensures it is accountable for implementing access and equity objectives for our clients.